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Welcome to the demo for ExpertRex.com, the quick, easy, and enjoyable way to find great consumer recommendations from objective and reliable experts. Whether you are looking for “THE BEST” restaurants in Chico, pet services in Las Vegas, public golf courses in San Francisco, Eco-friendly baby toys, music CD’s—or almost anything else—ExpertRex will be your guide to the good stuff. ExpertRex will always be free and completely accessible to everyone.  It will be the biggest and best online consumer guide, with 150,000 to 250,000 or more recommendations. Many of the recommended businesses will offer you “extras,” in the form of discounts, free shipping, a free dessert, etc. In addition, ExpertRex won’t annoy you with ads or invade your privacy by tracking or collecting information about you.

Our team of founders at ExpertRex is an eclectic group. We’re a somewhat irreverent bunch as well. Don’t be surprised to find more than just great consumer recommendations at ExpertRex. We also might throw in “Fun Facts About Maple Syrup” or anything else that strikes us as particularly interesting and/or entertaining.


Jim Burnett

Jim Burnett,  founder and CEO.  A long-time writer and editor, Jim has written for numerous magazines and newspapers on subjects ranging from politics to sports to business to travel to legal and social issues. He is the author of “TEE TIMES: On the Road with the Ladies Professional Golf Tour” [Scribner 1997]. Jim is the former editor and publisher of THE FANATIC READER, the forerunner to ExpertRex, and former editor of The Oregon Horse, an award-winning trade magazine published by the Oregon Thoroughbred Breeders Association. Jim has a law degree from Duke, passed the bar in Washington State, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Whitman College.

Jeff Heiman

Jeff Heiman, co-founder and licensing director. From 2000 to 2010, Jeff was the Licensing Director at Play Network, a neighbor of Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. Play Network installs the sound systems and programs the playlists in the stores of Starbucks, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, etc. Recently Jeff served as president of the Northwest chapter of the Grammy Awards, and he has managed and promoted such artists as Sweet Honey in the Rock.

Liz Thiem

Liz Thiem, co-founder and communications director. Liz worked for some of the best known advertising agencies in the country, including J. Walter Thompson in San Francisco and Walter Burnett (no relation to ExpertRex founder Jim Burnett) in Chicago. Liz has been involved in campaigns for Sony, Disney, Amazon, and the California tourist industry, as well as a wide range of other clients “down to the local goat brusher.”

Robert Newman

Robert Newman, co-founder and design/product guru. Inducted into the Designer & Editor Hall of Fame in 2015. Jim Burnett and Robert Newman worked on several publications together in Seattle. Robert was the design director for The Oregon Horse, an award- winning magazine that Jim edited and a newsletter, THE FANATIC READER, that eventually led to the idea for ExpertRex. In addition, Jim was the national political writer for The Rocket, a somewhat legendary Seattle monthly, when Robert was editor. Robert then moved to New York, where he became the design director for the Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine and Fortune, winning numerous awards along the way. He also supervised the redesign of various publications, perhaps most notably Real Simple, built an app for Reader’s Digest, and later was hired as its creative director.


In Addition to the Founders, the killer team at ExpertRex.com includes: a second world-class designer, Scott Howard; two coding wizards, including former software engineer Evelyn Fassett;  and attorney Virginia Johnson, who worked for Orrick in San Francisco after graduating from law school at Berkeley at the age of 21. (Not a misprint.)

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